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  • Kathie Dello (OCCRI Associate Director and Deputy Directory of the Oregon Climate Service) discusses El Nino/La Nina and the skiing and riding outlook for this winter (possibly warmer and drier) in the Bend Bulletin on October 22 and November 7. November 7, 2014.
  • OCCRI (and Director Philip Mote and graduate student Linnia Hawkins) are highlighted in the Oregon State University newspaper, The Barometer. October 14, 2014.
  • OCCRI Director (and lead author of the NW chapter of the 2014 National Climate Assessment) Philip Mote comments on the Assessment. May 7th, 2014
  • OCCRI’s Kathie Dello was quoted by the Corvallis Gazette times speaking on current water levels. “The mid-valley is 11.17 inches below the average rainfall for this time of year.” The article is available here. March 4th, 2014
  • The Salem Statesman-Journal quoted OCCRI’s Kathie Dello in an article about the February storms which hit Oregon with a large amount of precipitation. “It is not uncommon to experience more than one significant snow event in the winter, but the amount of snow that the Willamette Valley received in both events was uncommon.” Read the full article here. March 4th, 2014
  • OCCRI’s Kathie Dello spoke with the Gazette-Times about recent rain and how it affects the ongoing drought concerns: “We’re seeing some improvements, but we still have a long way to go. It’s strange to talk about drought when we’re seeing flooding like this, but we were so dry for so long.” Read more in the Gazette-Times article. February 20th, 2014.
  • A recent broadcast of Think Out Loud on OPB featured Kathie Dello speaking on how flooding and drought issues affect the region. Listen to the OPB segment here. February 17th, 2014.
  • Kathie Dello talked with local papers about the weekend’s snow and how it affects the ongoing drought concerns: “Well, it helps a little bit, but it wasn’t a drought buster. We need a lot more snow, a lot more rain to get out of these dry conditions.” Articles were published in the Albany Democrat-Herald and the Bend Bulletin. February 11th, 2014.
  • OCCRI’s Kathie Dello discusses the recent dry spell and drought concerns with the Gazette Times: “This is the second-driest start to the water year on record, after 1976-77, which had 5.10 inches through Jan. 31. This year, we have 8.7 inches for the same period.” The article can be read in its entirety here. February 4th, 2014.
  • During an Oregon Public Broadcasting Think Out Loud segment, OCCRI’s Kathie Dello comments on the continuation of Oregon’s dry spell into 2014. Kathie noted that 2013 was Oregon’s fourth driest year on record and that the snow pack levels are a quarter of normal. The broadcast can be heard in its entirety here. January 30, 2014.
  • Philip Mote and other co-authors advocate for climate adaptation science in a Science magazine Policy Forum article. “What we need is more visibility to gain more inclusiveness – to bring into play the private sector, resource managers, universities and a host of decision-makers and other stakeholders,” said Mote. The article can be read in its entirety here. November 12, 2013.
  • OCCRI Director Philip Mote weighs in on climate and snowpack projections for eastern Washington state in the Seattle Times. September 30, 2013.
  • C3 Webinar: An OCCRI/CIRC webinar on climate scenarios was offered October 30, 2012. It provided an overview of a new downscaled dataset from the next generation of climate models, and a summary of projected changes and uncertainty in climate variables for the PNW. A recording of the webinar is available in two parts: overview and technical details.
    Click here to access the webinars.
  • A National Public Radio “All Things Considered” story titled “As Arctic Ice Melts, So Does The Snow, And Quickly,” presents work by Chris Derksen, Research Scientist studying Cryosphere and Climate Interaction. He talks about the rate of spring Arctic snow cover, faster than the models predict, which puts into question what the scenario will look like 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Audio of story available. September 24, 2012.
  • As droughts continue to devastate the Midwest, OPB Think Out Loud presents a new study in the journal Nature Geoscience titled “Droughts Expected to Worsen in 21st Century.” Researchers looked at the impact of the drought years from 2000-2004 in the Western U.S., Canada, and Mexico. July 31, 2012.
  • OCCRI Director Dr. Philip Mote and OCCRI staff member Dr. David Rupp contributed to a new NOAA report on extreme climate events in 2011. July 16, 2012.
  • OCCRI Director Dr. Philip Mote appears on NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show discussing sea-level rise for the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington in the 21st century. July 13, 2012.
  • OCCRI Director Dr. Phil Mote interviewed in OSU’s Terra Magazine on the evidence for climate change. June 15, 2012.
  • The February issue of OSU’s online research magazine, Terra, highlights climate change research under way at OSU and OCCRI. March 8, 2012.
  • The work of OCCRI doctoral student Sihan (Meredith) Li is highlighted in the February issue of OSU’s online research magazine, Terra. March 8, 2012.
  • OCCRI-affiliated researchers Dr. Anne Nolin and Dr. Andrew Fountain discuss the potential effects of climate change on water resources in the Willamette Valley, as well as the effects of climate change on glaciers world-wide. Listen to the Oregon Public Broadcasting “Think Out Loud” segment here. February 14, 2012.
  • OCCRI sponsors a fall lecture series examining the potential of “geoengineering” to mitigate the impacts of future climate change, October 6, 2011.
  • Dr. Philip Mote, Director of OCCRI, co-authors an article entitled “Guidelines for Constructing Climate Scenarios” for the August 2, 2011 (92:31) issue of the American Geophysical Union’s periodical EOS, August 29, 2011.
  • Oregon Climate Assessment Report (OCAR) also covered by KATU, KATV, Sustainable Business Oregon, The Register-Guard, OPB, and, December 1, 2010
  • Dr. Philip Mote, Director of OCCRI, addresses the question of “How do scientists envision the future of climate change?” at the weekly OSU Faculty Club meeting, January 21, 2010
  • Kathie Dello of OCCRI presents an overview of Oregon climatology at KOHD TV’s (Bend) storm spotter training, October 3, 2009.
  • “Recent decline in the global land evapotranspiration trend due to limited moisture supply”
    Beverly E. Law, an affiliated OCCRI researcher, helped author this Nature paper regarding the recent decline of evapotranspiration in the Southern Hemisphere.